Threadgate x TLC Sandman Plaid Bucket Hat and Tote Bag 
Linda and Thea collaborated with Gemma of Threadgate on two limited edition pieces from her Sleep Range, custom Bucket Hat and Tote Bag. Gemma has cut each piece from 100% cotton sheeting in white featuring Blue Sandman Plaid print. Sandman is a two colour hand screen print in powder blue and Yves Klein blue. A limited print run, only five of each piece that feature Threadgate x TLC Logo to mark this special collaboration.    
Photography: Natalia Parsonson




P.S.S. x TLC Stripe Lane Sandal 
A collaboration between Post Sole and Thea of TLC. In her practice Thea edits lightly worn, thoughtfully sourced clothing, materials and remnants. She worked with the lovely women from Post Sole, Myra and Breeze, on a design to ensure that all of their Kangaroo leather, including the pieces with imperfections, could be used in the production of the Sandals, each pair are individually finished with Thea's hand painted stripes.
Auór x BIỂN Ninny Bandanna
Linda had the pleasure of collaborating with the women from Auór, Claire and Kristen on a special edition Ninny Bandanna in grey and white stripe Linen.  Together they chose a subtly sheer, light weight linen that would be ideal for Summer. There are many different ways to wear the Ninny Bandana - they can be tied under the chin, at the back of head or underneath hair.
Handmade in Australia from locally sourced 100% Linen.





TLC x LA SEA Jewellery Magic Mangosteen Pendant
Known as the 'Queen of Fruits', Mangosteens are a native fruit to Southeast Asia of white flesh with a sweet and sour taste. It is prized for its medicinal qualities and grows upon a tropical Evergreen Tree. The mangosteen (or affectionately dubbed "mangosteam") is a symbol of childhood memory and experience for Seala who crafted this special relic out of 925 Silver in collaboration with Thea and Linda. They all believe it possesses magic and brings good fortune to it's wearer.